A Twist of Two Tales

cover (1)  shiro-ari-3894147
Shiro Ari (Snow White and Alice) by Pepu
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Out of the blue, the protagonist Snow White finds herself transported to a strange world. Here, many unusual creatures roam, and all the signs and words are backwards.
To leave this world, Snow White must fulfill one condition:”Make Alice the King.” For the sake of returning back to her own world, Snow White must team up with Alice but…A strange yet wondrous fairy tale-like fantasy awaits.

Unlike most stories that uses combinations of fairy tales, Snow White and Alice is refreshing, and completely unexpected. In this story, Alice is male, and competes with the Red King for the throne, therefore Alice is the Blue King. Similar to original Alice in Wonderland, many characters do not have names, except for the animal they are, or the card number they are, so people who have names are extremely rare, and considered to be “high beings.” And Snow White’s life does have it’s ups and downs, but her life is more similar to Cinderella, where the step-mother picks on her step-daughter. However, Mirror still exists in Shiro Ari, but he’s not what you expect him to be; after being fed-up with her mother’s attitude, he decides to forcibly bring Snow White to another land, and teach her not to be so naive, and to stand up for herself by being around the arrogant Alice. This manga has it’s moments with humor, but it also has moments with it’s drama; the tear-jerking moment when Snow White still decides to stay by her mother’s side, and in the very kingdom where she is an outcast, and is bullied at least once everyday, but even then she stays there, believing that everyone has a kind side, and will eventually understand her. While I sympathize with Snow White, she is also quite annoying, and I can understand why Mirror did what he had to do, furthermore, I love Alice’s double-sided character, and his sarcastic attitude when he is around people with names. Although there isn’t a ‘mystery’ label in the genre section, there definitely is some mystery happening beneath all the characters, especially the Red King, who has yet to make his official appearance.

Reasons to why you should read it

  • Humor
  • Sympathetic characters
  • Unexpected combination of characters
  • Twist to everything you ever knew on Snow White and Alice in Wonderland
  • Beautiful, fantastical art
  • Interesting plot
  • Unique story

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